Awakening to Your True Self: A Manifesto for Life

Hey there, it’s me, Janet. I hope you’re comfortable wherever you’re sitting right now with your cup of coffee or tea in hand because today’s chat will be interesting. We’re stepping into a warm, honest and open-hearted conversation here, just as if we were sitting across from each other at your favourite café, enveloped in the cosy aroma of brewing coffee and freshly baked cookies, okay?

Let’s delve into something called a ‘manifesto’. And before you knit your brows, let me guess; are you thinking, “What on Earth’s a manifesto, Janet?” I thought the same thing, too, when I first heard of it. So, I dove into Google and perused several other fellow seekers’ manifestos, and do you know what happened? It nudged me to remember why I started my humble endeavour of the JR Training Consultancy over a decade and a half ago.

Why a Manifesto Matters

You see, this consultancy of mine wasn’t just born out of a business plan. It was crafted from my deep desire to make training both fun and impactful, to ignite the light within individuals, empowering them to live not just a life but their best life possible. To be the very best version of themselves—the version that’s real, authentic, and brimming with potential.

Now, you might be asking, “What changed, Janet? What’s this talk about manifestos?” And you’d be right to ask. Change comes, often uninvited, and fear of the unknown can often lead us to resist it. But I had a profound realisation. I came to understand our true identity, not as a collection of commonplace labels we so often attach to ourselves but as the spiritual nature of God. And that, alone, changed everything.

The Journey of Awakening

This one realisation brought me to a place where I could see that my consultancy— our consortium, really—is here for everyone who desires to realise their true nature, their God-self tucked away within us. It may feel alien right now, and that’s perfectly fine. Remember when you first learnt to ride a bike? Weren’t you wobbly, a tad bit anxious and perhaps even fearful? But you overcame it, didn’t you? That’s precisely what we’re doing here – taking those first few uncertain pedals towards our highest selves.

If we truthfully understand who we are and what we are, we realise that our decisions about our lives change drastically. They begin to arise from a place of deep understanding. We’re no longer reliant upon techniques or superficial changes. Rather, we understand that our feelings—those fickle friends—spring from the thoughts we hold moment to moment. Thoughts that are often influenced by who we believe we are and what we sincerely think we are. Buddhists refer to this as mindfulness, and numerous research studies from the American Psychological Association highlight its transformative potential1.

What’s The Manifesto All About?

Now, you might be curious about the Manifesto. Well, it’s simple. My Manifesto is to help everyone to wake up, understand, and experience the true God self here on Earth. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. Imagine if we started making decisions from that place of genuine identity—not the illusions, not the self-esteem and self-image we’ve created from a place of fear or survival—but from the truth of our beings, our ultimate selves.

Imagine, just for a moment, how that would impact our decisions about our lives—who we are, how we interact with people, and how we influence the world and universe at large. Just think, our mere presence could change the world’s vibration. Doesn’t that sound empowering? So buckle in because this journey of waking up to ourselves is one wild, fantastic ride.

Here's Your Invitation

Just as you would want to attend our next coffee outing, how about you ensure you’re part of this journey? Don’t just take my word for it—experience it. I want to extend an invitation to you. How about scheduling a FREE alignment call with me?

Let’s mutually support each other in this journey; let’s watch each other wake up. You’ve got the power. Embrace the changes coming your way, and let your true nature shine through.

So, are you ready to get aligned, awaken the real ‘YOU’, and positively influence your world? If so, click the ‘Book now’ button below and start this inspiring awakening journey together.

Stay glowing. See you soon. Bye!

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  1. Davis, D. M., & Hayes, J. A. (2011). What are the benefits of mindfulness? A practice review of psychotherapy-related research. Psychotherapy, 48(2), 198–208. ↩


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