Certainty goes way beyond an attitude. 

Certainty is a state of consciousness that we can choose because it’s the mind moving into a deeper place within ourselves, and when we do this, we can see the reality of what is possible in our lives. It comes from trusting ourselves enough to go after whatever we think would make us happy. Because when you trust yourself, you act in your self-interest and honour your true desires—not someone else’s fears for you.


What Happens When You Lack Certainty?

We’re all responsible for managing the demands of our lives, but when we lack certainty, we can become paralyzed by fear.

  • You can’t move forward because you don’t know what will happen next.
  • You become afraid of making decisions and taking action because you don’t have a clear vision of how things will work out.
  • You procrastinate because there are too many options available to choose from, but none seem right or good enough to take any action upon.
  • You avoid making commitments to yourself or others because you fear things won’t go well (and then you will feel bad about yourself).

How Do You Discover Certainty

I’ve been speaking with people about many things lately; the future, relationships and love, work, happiness and fulfilment.

There’s a common theme in all these conversations: certainty.


The thing is, when you’re looking for certainty, you’re looking for comfort. We want to know what our lives will look like tomorrow, next year and 20 years from now. We want to know that if we do this thing or that thing, everything will go our way, and we’ll have everything we want in life.


But here’s the thing…


We can never be certain of anything since our world is continuously changing and evolving. And occasionally, something that initially appears negative can turn out to be the best thing for us!


So how do you discover certainty? How do you find out what it means for your life? How do you know what’s going to happen tomorrow? How do you know if something good or bad will happen next week?


The only way to create certainty is by being prepared for any outcome – including the best and worst possible outcomes!

How To BE Prepared for Any Outcome

What Do you Know to be true?

As I have said earlier, there is not way yo can be prepared for every eventuality because you don’t know everything that may happen. Therefore rather than looking at actions and what to do, you have to look within, to what you know and believe to be true, because your thoughts and beliefs determine your actions.

What Do you Believe?

I believe that anything is possible.


I believe each of us is a powerful creator.


I believe we can create our future by understanding who and what we are at a deep spiritual level.


I believe that we can create the life of our dreams if we take the time to do so.

What do you know?

Even deeper than what you believe is what do you know? What do you know without a doubt to be true? Belief can be seen to be at the thought level, it makes sense and there may be evidence to support it. Bit at the knowing level, it’s what you know to your very core to be true always in all situation.

What I know goes back to source, the formless nature of my true identity.

What I know to be true is we are more than our thoughts, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and the beliefs we think are true limit us.

I know there are no guarantees in life, and I don’t waste time worrying about what might occur because I can never know what will happen, when it will occur, or how it will affect me.


In Conclusion

Certainty is not a certainty you will achieve the goal; certainty is you will rise to face whatever comes because of who and what you are.


This is why the sage starts with wisdom; innate certainty because wisdom teaches us to be OK with the worst-case scenario. To be OK with failure because we permit ourselves to succeed. And if we are OK in our hearts with the worst case, it may just happen when we least expect it. But if we’re holding onto fear and worry that maybe if I do this, things won’t work out for us, we will perpetuate this fear or fate as reality.

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