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Facing Your Fear Videos

What is fear? Press play to find out!

Fear is here to serve us not for us to serve it.

Have feelings of fear been holding you back from living the life you’ve always wanted to leave. What if I told you that she was here to serve you not to hinder you.

Watch the video and learn how we have changed fear from our servant to our master and find out how to redress the balance.

How failing forward helps you? Press play to find out!

Fearing forward!

One of the top fears when doing any kind of search is a fear of failure. We have gotten to a position where the majority of us are frightened of the feeling of failure; frightened of trying something new for fear of not achieving the goal, fear of what people might say, and also fear of judging ourselves. But how can we move forward if we don’t take the chance with the possibility of Failure? Listen to this video to find out how failing forward helps you to achieve your goals.

How you can overcome fear of rejection?

Press play to find out!

Are you frightened of hearing the word No!

Believe it or not many of us are frightened of hearing the word no! You may say ‘that’s not true Janet because it’s just a word’, but what if I said the word ‘no’, is at the heart of the fear of rejection? Listen to this three minute video to find out how you can overcome this fear of rejection.

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