You know when you’re feeling down and think I’m not good enough or I’ll never succeed and then you start to feel angry or sad or frustrated? That’s low self-esteem. It’s something that affects many people but did you know there is a secret overcoming low self-esteem and self doubt. That’s what this video is about.

My name is Janet Rhynie, Quantum Change Coah, here to Educe , Elevate and Liberate you mind to live a ife you have yet to imagine.

I remember when I was leaving the probation service to set up my own company. At that point all I’ve ever known is working in the public sector but I had a passion and a heart to deliver training on my own terms. I have been a training facilitator for the past five years working with clients and customers who didn’t want to be in my presence. As such I learnt such fundamental skills as establishing rapport how to move a group forward but also what works within groups and what didn’t and so the passion to develop people utilising the experience and expertise I had gained is pulling my heart.

I remember thinking about setting up by myself and then the thoughts that came in where well will I get any contracts because I’m a black woman and the only trainers I’ve ever really seen a white males a few white females maybe the odd black male I’ve never seen a black female trainer within criminal justice and then I started to think well what if I’m not good enough compare to these other facilitator in trainers will I get work how will I pay the bills if I don’t get work and this whole spiral of negative self talk caused me to doubt the plans and the future I had for myself.

But then I thought about the alternative which was to stay within an organisation doing something I absolutely hate it for the rest of my life I then looked at the fact the organisation had asked me to deliver training on their behalf as well as balancing a managerial post. And realised the fun I had when delivering training and focusing on developing in equipping people to live a better life cause me to take a 180° turn which has resulted in me having my business for the last 1516 years.

Why is it so hard to believe we are good enough?


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Janet Rhynie

My purpose is to elevate and liberate your mind from limitation to live the life you have yet to imagine and change the life of those for generations to come.


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