Mind, thought, and consciousness are terms that have been discussed, debated and researched for centuries. These subjects have captured people’s attention from all walks of life, not just academics and scientists. However, I am referring to Mind, thought, and consciousness as the three fundamental principles as first realised by Sydney Banks. Yes, they are three simple words, simple enough that even a parrot could copy and repeat them. However, it is more than just words; they must be because why have people from all walks of life spent years gaining greater and deeper clarity of these principles. I have been looking in the direction of these Principles for 13 years and counting. They not only had a profound impact on my work but transformed the person I am today. But I digress; let’s get back to the topic at hand; the three principles, the what, why and how.

What are the Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness?

Many people have spoken about these principles and what they are. Still, I prefer to refer to the person who had an insight about these Three Principles as realised by Sydney Banks – A welder with no professional qualifications. This man of Scottish descent had an insight that, over 40 years later, continues to assist people worldwide.

In his own words – Mind, Consciousness and Thought are spiritual gifts that enable us to see creation and guide us through life’. The Missing Link. Sydney Banks p22

Mind – The energy behind all life. “The Universal Mind, or the impersonal mind, is constant and unchangeable.’ – The Missing Link

Thought – The energy we utilise to make sense of the world. ‘Thought is the creative agent we use to direct us through life’.  – The Missing Link

Consciousness – Different states of awareness. Consciousness is the gift of awareness. – The Missing link

As stated in the introduction, these are words studied in many different fields, and there are many books on these topics; however, we will keep the terms and definitions simple for this purpose.

However, there can be complexity in simplicity. As you begin to understand these principles, you realise it is not the words themselves that are important but where the words are pointing you! Yes, I know, it could sound a little funny but let me explain. The Principles of thought, Mind and consciousness is an understanding of how you create your experience moment by moment!

Let’s take an example of a happy memory. Whatever that memory is, I bet you smile when you think about it. That happened because you selected a memory from the infinite intelligence of Mind and formed thought. As you became aware of that thought and continued thinking, you began to experience the emotions and feelings of that memory.

Why Are They Important?

You may be saying so what? There are three principles; what does that have to do with me?

If you want to experience:

Much, much more.

Impressive right? There is no need for different techniques to achieve all these outcomes, just the simplicity of understanding what you are and how you create your experience.

Don’t get me wrong, the training and education I had before coming into the principles of understanding, degrees, facilitation skills, NLP, and EFT are not forgotten. Still, I don’t rely upon them to see changes in my clients. It is an understanding of what we are, your true essence, 

So not only is it for people who want to see a change in their lives, but it is also for people who wish to understand who they are and what they are to navigate this human experience easily.

How Do They Work?

This would be an excellent question if we discussed a technique you had to practice. In fact, a fellow colleague of the Three Principles Steve Nash, has an interesting download about how to practice your understanding. Show him some love and get the download; it makes for interesting reading!! 

As I have said several times in this article, when you understand what is happening and how your experience in the moment is created, the feelings change. For example, you feared swimming because someone held your head under the water and felt you would die. As a result, you never go into the water, even years later. However, knowing the experience you carry with you is a memory, a thought you recall every time you see or even think of swimming. The emotions are brought to life by consciousness, awareness, and your experience is changed. I’m not saying you stop experiencing fear but what does happen is that the fear does not control you. You are now more aware of where the fear comes from, so there is space for you to choose because your head is not full of fearful thinking.

So to answer the initial question, they do not work; you gain understanding, and it is the understanding which changes the experience.

So in conclusion

‘ Mind, Consciousness and Thought are spiritual gifts that enable us to see creation and guide us through life’. The Missing Link. Sydney Banks p22

When you feel less stressed and anxious, have better relationships at work or personally, or just understand how to navigate this human experience with a little ease, then understanding these three spiritual principles can feel like a gift.

If you want to learn more about the three principles, click here to schedule an alignment session.


Janet Rhynie

My purpose is to elevate and liberate your mind from limitation to live the life you have yet to imagine and change the life of those for generations to come.


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