What is the difference between quantum change coaching and regular coaching?

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Let me tell you how I can help you change your thoughts and habits.

My name is   Janet Rhynie.  I am a Quantum Change Coach here to Educe, Elevate and liberate your mind to live a life you’ve yet to imagine.

Now that may seem like a whole mouthful, and you’re not sure what it might be, so that’s why I’m here to explain to you precisely what I do when I work with you.

What is Educe, Elevate, Liberate?

Educe is ‘to draw out of’,  So I’m not here to teach you something new, I’m here to draw out of you what is already within you and has been since the beginning of time, but we’ve just forgotten. My mission is to help you recognise and realise how powerful you are and rediscover your true identity.  As a result, you start to elevate how you think and see things from a different perspective. You begin to think in different ways because you are renewed. When you start to see yourself differently, think differently, your life changes, liberating you from negative thinking to look to a different future.

What is quantum change coaching? ‘A vivid, surprising, benevolent and enduring personal transformation ‘. That is a definition given by William Miller in his book Quantum Change. An inner transformation takes place not only in the way you see yourself but also in how you see other people. That’s where benevolence comes in because there can be an overwhelming feeling of kindness, not only to others but towards yourself also. In this way, the transformation and change is permanent because this change has come from within, insight from within, and once you’ve seen something different, you can’t go back to seeing it the same way again.

How can change happen?

Sometimes it can be gradual, and people have small insights along the way, and in other ways, it can be fast-paced with things changing all of a sudden, with no logical explanation for what has happened. There is a change at the very heart that permeates every aspect of your life.

How does it work?

There are several different ways we can work together 1:1 sessions, group coaching and online self-directed. But the how starts with you, releasing your true essence to recognise the power you genuinely are, redefining who you are and how you see yourself before looking at how you create your experience. This Quantum Change approach to change takes you on a journey within, changing your world without.

What are the benefits? 

Quantum change – ImplicationTechniques – Application
Simplicity – DiscriminatorComplexity – Techniques dependant upon the issue
Experience in the momentThoughts from past to present
Intrinsic – InsightExtrinsic – Action
Paradigm shiftBehavioural shift

It can be seen in this table; there are no complicated techniques to learn or actions to take. There is simplicity because you understand how you work. You can be objective, so you can remove yourself from the situation if required. It’s descriptive, so we’re not telling you what processes to use and what to do but more to understand. How things change in your own life is up to you! As such, there is a Paradigm shift in how you see the world, not just in your behaviours.

Who is this for? 

People who can come to me for personal coaching have been anxious, stressed, depressed, and have tried counseling and therapy for many years, and nothing has changed.

And professionally, those who have blind spots within their practice want to see beyond their thinking to help others.

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Janet Rhynie

My purpose is to elevate and liberate your mind from limitation to live the life you have yet to imagine and change the life of those for generations to come.


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