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Have you ever noticed how your ego and your soul can seem as if they’re all with one another? It’s like they’re constantly fighting for your attention and your time. I admit I’ve been a slave to my ego in the past but then I realised I was missing so many opportunities because my ego was so focused on what I was trying to achieve. I started paying more attention to my son and I learned this ultimate guide to having a fulfilled life.

Approximately five years ago after going through my divorce I knew I had changed and was changing. The number of times I was asked to do things and I would automatically say no, as that was my default position. One day during meditation what came to me was saying yes to God and also listening to Shonda Rhimes and when she had a year of years and so what came to me was 365 days of saying yes to God. I didn’t do the full 365 days but what that one statement did was to open me up to listening more to my wisdom, my soul and making decisions.

The ego is often described as a mind’s tendency to remain stuck in the past and bring it into the future. It can often be said to be a tug of war between the head, logic and what I think is right and the heart, what feels right

The ego can be said to be selfish with no interest in consciousness. The ego is self-centred and believes the world exists around them and for their own ends. In some instances, the egoic personality will not even believe the soul exists. The ego can create the illusion of separation and striving.

The soul on the other hand is more aligned to the spiritual healing demonstrations of love, compassion and goodwill. Connectedness to all that is.

How can you tell if you’re leaving from Spirit or from Ego?

Based on the description given, when you’re living from the ego, it is very self centred, out for what you can get. There can also be a feeling of striving, working hard, willing to do whatever it takes to get the result, which in some instances could mean taking advantage of other people for your own ends.

There is also the need to be right; to constantly correct and show an air of superiority.

When living from spirit, your soul, it feels like living from heart, wanting to view service to others from a place of compassion.

Which is the best place?

There is no one better place as ego and soul play their roles within a multi dimensional human being. There are times when we need to be aware of ourselves as the ego not only wants us to achieve and strive but also plays a role in protecting us. The ego is not the enemy, the ego has been developed over time based on the experiences that you’ve had about things that have hurt us and then you’ve created different strategies to protect ourselves. Once again the ego is a self-created personality and I’ve said in previous blogs because it’s self-created it’s not real and can also be changed.

To only live from the heart and be compassionate without awareness could lead to being taken advantage of and so we need a combination of the two with the soul to inform the ego of what action to take.

So in conclusion

Spirit versus ego can seem to think both of these aspects of our human self are at odds with each other, however, when we understand the roles each plays within our life we understand they work together helping us as humans to navigate this world.

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  1. Monique Williams

    What an exquisite and tasty gift to explore the ego vs spirit living. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful space to audit, compare and contrast where I am now. This was super helpful and on point as usual. I can listen to this Wisdom all day.

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