The Season of Self-Love

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What I want to talk about this month is love and how you love yourself. The definition of self-love feels like it’s evolved in the past couple of years. I suppose these are things that we always used to do but now we’ve got a term for it; it’s called self-love and it’s about caring about ourselves.

What Does Self-Love Mean To You?

But what does self-love mean to you? For some, practicing self-love is about taking time out, going for walks or doing things. As women, we do so much. There are so many different roles that we’re playing all of the time (mother, wife, girlfriend, business owner…) that we forget about ourselves. We put others first, and that’s when we start feeling burnt out or worn down, and then we have depression, anxiety, and all of these different things.

My personal definition of self-love is quite simple: loving ourselves. This is a deeper self, it’s our true spiritual self. But even beyond that, it’s recognising who and what we truly are. I’m talking about our own selves, our own self-esteem, our own self-image. We have to remember the self we’re talking about is us. The self we’re talking about is a result of the thoughts, the experiences, and the decisions that we’ve made in the past. The things that we like and the things that we don’t like have culminated in creating the person you are at this moment.

How To Learn To Love Yourself

A lot of times we want to change the self that we have created because we don’t like it. Yet if we take that moment to realise and recognise that everything that you’ve been through all of the thoughts, all of the decisions that you’ve made. Some of them have just resonated with you so deeply that they have contributed to the person that you are right now.

And so self-love is to love this creation. Learning to love yourself is to love and accept who and what you truly are, right here and right now in this moment. Because when you can accept who you are, this culmination of all of the thoughts that you’ve held onto, that you’ve attached emotions to, become real to you. These are the things that have created who you are right here right now and it’s not someone to run away from but to embrace and to accept and to acknowledge and to love.

All of these things are love and accepting who and what we truly are right here and right now in this moment.

When I’m talking about self-love, I’m not telling you to ignore self-care. Have the hot bath. Take your time out. Go for a walk. But all the time remember to accept and acknowledge and embrace who you are.


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