Are you living in the matrix?

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When I first embarked upon this journey of Quantum Change Coach, I said to my then mentor that life is like the Matrix, and he responded by stating, That’s one way of looking at it, Janet, but not many people see that. 

Anybody who knows me knows that I love the movie The Matrix. Throughout the different stages in my life, The Matrix has played a significant role by pointing out certain truths.

Whether it’s when I was in church or cognitive endeavours,  20+ years on, this movie still has relevance, so I wanted to share some of these insights with you.

What is The Matrix? 

It’s a movie from 1999 with Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Cari-Anne Moss. It’s about a group of people living in a fabricated reality. It makes you think about what is real and what it means to be living in the matrix.

For this article, the Matrix is what you believe to be true. How you interpret a situation or think about a person, you can think these thoughts and feelings are authentic. As such, those same feelings must be the same for anyone else looking at this situation or think about a person. But that is not universally true.

When we fail to consider another perspective or recognise the role we have played in creating the personal experience, worse still, not even realising you have a personal experience, you could be said to be living in the Matrix.

What is reality?

No two people ever see things the same way.

You can be in the same room as another person, but they will see things in different ways, feel things in different ways interpret things in different ways based upon the thinking they believed to be true moment by moment.

However, many people do not realise this and believe how they see the world is actual. Still, in essence, it’s a personal reality, not a universal reality where everybody sees things in the same way. The movie was getting you to question what is real and what is fabricated. 

Understanding reality is relevant to daily living because arguments start due to the way you interpret a situation. You may think the way you see a situation as accurate, universally and expect others to see things the way you do, but in essence, that is your reality. Distinguishing what is universally true and a personal truth can lead to a more peaceful life. 

Three things I have seen

Unlearning to see the truth.

When Ne-Yo ( Keanu Reeves character) wakes up in the real world, he realises that everything he believed was true in the matrix was a simulation. He has to unlearn everything he thought was true to understand this new world, the actual reality.

I some ways, this can be said about our experience. You can often walk through this life thinking everyone sees life the way you do. As stated earlier, this can be the basis for many arguments. When you start to see that your life experience is based upon values and beliefs personal to you, your life experience changes. You begin to see what your judgments are based upon, and in seeing this, the decisions start to fade because they only led to arguments. The more you see this, the more the unhelpful values and beliefs disappear. 

Destructive truth

Once you have seen the truth, you can’t go back to the lie. As much as you would like to ‘un-see it as it can seem more convenient, it can’t be unseen, and all the fallacies fall away.

This truth can be pretty scary as everything you had believed to be true turns out to be a fallacy. With the support and guidance of a Quantum Change Coach, you can be safe knowing the truth cannot hurt you. The truth refines you to let go of the stories you have created about your life so you can live your life from a place of authenticity.

Know thyself

In one of my favourite scenes in The Matrix, Neo goes to see the Oracle. Above the door in Latin is the phrase ‘Knows Thy Self’.

As stated previously, you can believe what others ( media, friends, teachers) say about you and not look any further than that.

When you understand who and what you are.

When you can see the role your values and beliefs play when trying to make sense of a situation. 

When you understand the fundamental principles behind all human experience, then you begin to understand yourself. And as you start to understand yourself, you understand others because the same fundamental principles apply.

What does it mean to be living in the matrix?

Finally, do you choose to reject the truth and stay in the matrix?

A character in the movie called Cypher wants to be plugged back into the matrix because he finds reality difficult to live with.

Many people choose not to see the truth because it means taking responsibility for your life. Many people avoid that responsibility and would rather believe in what they are being told and even up to their self-esteem or prophecy.


For many, our daily lives can seem like we live in a matrix, listening and believing what others state about us, never looking further and seeking the truth as such remain plugged into your personal reality.

However, if you choose to ‘Know thyself, you will see you are powerful beyond measure!

If you choose to wake up and have a glimpse of reality, click the link and have an alignment session with me.


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