Be Happy – No Matter What!

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Do you feel horrible? Do you  really feel  this is the worst day ever? Could this be because of something that’s happened , someone has upset you, or the general state of the world today?

Well my friend, I’m here to tell you nothing outside can affect you, it is purely about how you are thinking about what you see. 


I was working with a client a few weeks ago, and, and she was talking about how miserable she felt. She was focusing on her current situation; she was focusing on the fear of not only her current situation, but what could happen in the future. 

No nobody can truly know what will happen in the future however we all do this don’t we? we imagine a future with the worst case scenario and then believe it will come true. This is what my client was doing;

she was creating a scenario of what could happen in the future, 

based upon what had happened in the past. 

whilst  in the current moment. 

She was so fixated; she was so looking at the outside circumstances, things she had done or things she may do in the future which resulted in feelings of anxiety for a future she had not lived!! In that moment she hadn’t /couldn’t even recognise the ability, the capacity to be creative. In that moment she was creating new solutions for a problem that she created in the first instance. 

That is what makes us as humans truly amazing; the capacity to create situations in the future ,experience that situation and create solutions whilst sitting or standing still! Phenomenal! 

The metaphor

Let’s take a look at that metaphor of the clouds and the sun. It means that she was looking at her outside situation, she was looking at the story that she created. She was looking at outside circumstances, and believing that to be true. Just like the clouds, when we see a cloudy day, we can say: “Oh, it’s so miserable, I hate my situation, why couldn’t he/she be different. 

But behind the clouds, the sun is still shining, behind all of the negative self talk we have about a situation lies our capacity to create, our resilience, an unlimited capacity to create something new, something, never before seeing. 

When we stop time travelling and centre yourselves in the current moment, you are able to create solutions for a problem and in most instances the problem.

In the present moment

There is something new and fresh for you in the present moment, which enables you to continue to work through the situation to work through the perceived problem. And so is to recognise that even when the clouds are in the sky, even though it could be looking at our external circumstances, the sun is still shining, we still have our resiliency, we still have that innate quality to create new solutions.

When my client began to realise she was time travelling and began to centre herself in the moment, the feelings of anxiety dissipated.


‘The past is a ghost that cannot be held in the palm of your hand’.

‘The future cannot be grasped, No matter how desirable or enticing it may appear’.

Missing Link Sydney Banks p 97

Time travel will make you miserable. You create situations and scenarios which casts a cloud over the sun, your wonderful creative power in the current moment


Janet Rhynie

My purpose is to elevate and liberate your mind from limitation to live the life you have yet to imagine and change the life of those for generations to come.


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