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This morning, I have been smiling at Michael Singer’s untethered soul because he was talking about that inner voice, about the inner critic, and about you recognizing what that voice is and where that voice is coming from. 

And it’s fascinating because he’s saying, you know that you’re not that voice. You are the witness observing that voice. You know, you are the witness observing that. 

And I think it’s really fascinating because this is something we don’t often think about and that I’d forgotten to think about. Because at a deeper level, we’re everything. I am that voice. I am also listening to that voice. I am also the energy that created that voice. I am all of it. 

So when I’m coaching and speaking to people about self and what the self is, this is truly fascinating, as I can take it to that advanced level. So yes, it’s really interesting when you think, okay, I forgot about that voice in my head. 

Oh, yeah, I’m taking that voice in my head seriously. It doesn’t mean a damn thing.


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