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Well, what, a year, it has been full stop, we’re now transitioning into a new time in our lives, an unprecedented time as we face move on from lockdown, can you believe it’s been a year since Coronavirus took hold of the world, and started to spread and change the world in ways we could never have imagined. 

There have been lots of losses, loss of loved ones, loss of work, loss of identity, loss of self image and confidence, not knowing who and what we are. But there’s also been many gains and appreciation for what we already have and gratitude, prioritising what’s important in our lives, listening to the birds, the simple things in life. And now as we go into this new phase. What will life hold for us?

But more importantly, it’s how are you going to approach this new stage in your life. 

Due to all of the changes that have taken place in the last 12 months there may be some fears and anxiety; fear and anxiety about being amongst others, anxiety about being in a crowd, what would it feel like to be in the crowd again whether you’ve had the vaccine or not and what’s it going to be like going back to work?

 Will it be safe? Some people have been in lockdown for the majority of this year due to pre-existing health challenges and so what will life be like when they re-emerge into everyday life? We can be fearful of change at the best of times without COVID so what will happen now?

Change happens in spite to us, the power is in  how we face it, our state of mind as we move forward with this life. 

It’s an inside out world. We can have techniques and approaches to address the fear deal, make the fear feel less painful. But before you can even try a technique, there’s always a decision, there’s always a thought that precedes the action; the thought that leads to the decision to address and deal with the fear. 

In the right place

You see, you have to be in the right place for change, that’s not a physical place, you don’t have to be in nature or in a quiet spot I’m not talking about that, but being in a space, a space within yourself, a space of clarity, of awareness so that you can best understand and know what’s going on within you. 

And so how did you get into this space. 

Well, I’ve created a series of videos if you click below that will take you to these videos, but if you don’t want to watch the videos which will take you 10 minutes at most. If you don’t want to watch the videos  here is the edited version:

  1. What is fear? Fear has been around since the dawn of time and serves so many purposes but why are we afraid of fear?. 
  2. Fear of failure. Yep! This is one of the main ones where we fear it but why? So many people state fear is the path to progress so why do we fear it. Overcoming fear of failure can open a world of opportunity.
  3. Fear of rejection! Whether is be a prospective partner or unsuccessful job interview we hate hearing the word ‘NO!’ Watch to find out how overcoming fear of rejection can open up a world of adventure.

‘Our feelings are a barometer of our thoughts.’ Sydney Banks – Missing Link

 You see, our feelings are not something to get rid of. To avoid, but something to understand. Our feelings are making us aware of what we are thinking, and believe to be true. 

An alternative approach to overcoming fear could be understanding fear. 

If you can understand your feelings are alerting you to what thoughts you believe to be true; understanding the nature of thought ,you then understand that thought cannot hurt you. You are merely experiencing the feeling of those thoughts, and once you understand what a thought is when you understand you don’t have to run away from your feelings you can embrace fear. Because it can’t hurt you!

 In embracing your fear, you’re able to take control of your life in a way, you had never considered before. So, in overcoming your fear it’s about understanding your thinking behind the feeling.

Want to go deeper? Click here to find out more.


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