Why Do We Fear Change?

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Do you suffer from Metathesiophobia?

It’s a new month and a new season and lots of things are changing around us. Change is inevitable and yet as humans, we can become very fearful of change. Metathesiophobia is a fear of change.

Fear has a role to play in our lives and is a protective factor. We are born with a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. In the modern age, we have developed other fears: a fear of meeting new people or fear of changing environments.

If we allow fear to lead our lives, it could lead us to not taking the steps to change our lives, an inability to make decisions, and even a dependence on possessions in an effort to feel safe.

How To Move Beyond Fear

There are many different techniques that you can use to overcome your fears (some of which I will share in future videos or the eBook) however, overcoming your fears starts from the inside. It starts with changing your state of mind. Here are four tips for how we overcome resistance to change.

1. Be in the moment: When you are in the present moment, fear from the past and anxiety about the future fade.

2. Listen: Listen to what you’re saying to yourself.

3. Ask: As yourself if what you’re telling yourself is true or has some other influence blurred your view.

4. Shift: Can you now see the situation from a new and neutral perspective so that you can find answers.

For a deeper examination of how to move from fear of change to freedom from fear, press play on the video above.

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